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I just wanted to share a little update since anyone who has seen my latest post may or may not have noticed a few changes to my blog. We have a brand new name, and it's one I've had on reserve for a little while. Most of my posts here are book related and upcoming things will continue to be too, so I thought it was a more fitting name. Solely in a way that it will make it easier to find and it is also much clearer what kind of content to expect. In addition to at some point using my name as a domain for my author website. I wanted this blog to have a new home that fit it better.

When I first started this blog I intended to cover a larger amount of topics but have realised that I'd like to keep it more tight knit and dedicated to mainly books. There will be some instances where subject lines cross but those things will no longer be a focus.

And yes you heard correct, I am writing a book, or several to be honest. I've actually been writing for a few years now and working on many projects and it is a goal of mine to share my stories one day.

You may also have noticed that there's been a little refresh on a couple of pages and I've also gone for a wintery theme for the holidays, I hope you guys like it!

The last thing I wanted to say today is a massive thank you to everyone who has stuck by me the last few months that I've been absent. I've taken the time to work on a lot of things and I honestly just needed some space to figure things out. However the break is finally over and I have a lot of exciting posts to share with you so I hope you'll stay with me for a little while longer.

So here's to a bit of a fresh start and to the future!

- Sophie

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