Scattered Plume by J.M. Miller | Review

Title: Scattered Plume (Fallen Flame #2)

Author: J.M. Miller

Genre/s: Fantasy, Young Adult

Release Date: 27th September 2018

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Scattered Plume is the second book in the Fallen Flame series by J.M. Miller. If you haven't yet read the first book I would highly recommend that you do if you love fantasy. It's a great read! I have a spoiler free review of the first book that you can check out here:

From here on there may be a few spoilers for the first book in the series, so you might want to read that first and then come back! Anyway, lets get into the good stuff.

Scattered Plume picks up shortly after the ending of Fallen Flame. Even though I hadn't read the first book for over a year and I had forgotten about some things that happened in that book, primarily the ending where Vala and Xavyn flee the Island of Garlin, I found that after reading the first couple of pages of this book, all the action came flooding back. The author did a great job diving back into the story in a way that made it easy to fall back into. So much so, that I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't read the first book at all I would have still been hooked by the first chapter of Scattered Plume. The background info and descriptions weaved effortlessly into the story line in a way that made me envious of the author's talent. It wasn't like a dump of boring information which I've realised that a lot of fantasy authors often get used to doing. This was different and made the story so vivid and lively. I could almost feel the atmosphere around me while I was reading.

'A boost of strength coursed through my body, energy returning to my limbs as the anticipation and anxiousness of a potential battle settled into my mind and heart.'

After fleeing, Vala and Xavyn have to cross The Divide; a treacherous mass that has separated the human lands from the rest of the world for years. As they pass, a surge of magic causes a wave of hysteria and devastation, as power returns to some and illness and death is brought to others. With The Divide weakened, thoughts of War between worlds reemerge.

I adored how Vala's development progressed throughout the novel, it was subtle but strong. Looking back to where she began in the first novel, she has really grown her own wings and I can't wait to see where her story arc goes next. The budding friendships and relationships had me so happy and at the beginning I was a little thrown off by the clear romance that was in the air between a certain two beautiful characters. But my first thoughts completely changed and I found myself getting so invested in this story and all of the characters. I love the whole direction in which the author took the plot and I apologise if it seems like I'm rambling; I honestly can't seem to put my feelings into words. But it was wonderful and made me smile so much.

The book takes such a different tone to Fallen Flame, and I really wasn't expecting to dive into such an intricate and beautiful story. J.M. Miller somehow was able to take everything that was great about the first book and build upon it and make it even better. I'm struggling to come up with a negative, the only thing I could possibly mention is the fact that certain events left me slightly displeased but it would be spoilery to mention those and the fact I didn't feel great while reading those moments didn't mean they were bad, it actually meant for me that they were even more brilliant.

'Though I feel... I feel so much more, so much closer to you beyond even that. Closer than perhaps I should because of who I am, things I've done. Maybe I'm being brash and self-serving, but with everything that could happen, might happen... I know denying it will only lead to a much worse punishment of regret.'

Once again this was such a captivating read and I enjoyed it so much more than the first book, if this series gets any better I don't know what I'll do. The writing was a breath of fresh air to read. It was amazing reading about Vala really focusing on understanding herself. And the rocky action packed plot that was mesmerisingly well done made for a hypnotically addictive read. I highly recommend you pick up these books, they are well worth it!

Thank you so much to the lovely J.M. Miller for sending me an e-arc in exchange for an honest review!

Rating = 80%

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