A Storm of Shadows and Pearls by Marion Blackwood | Review

A Storm of Shadows and Pearls by Marion Blackwood

Series: The Oncoming Storm (Book 2)

Genre/s: Fantasy, Young Adult

Release Date: 4th May 2020

Date Read: 30th April 2020

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I love how action packed and fast to read this series is. Every chapter has you on the edge of your seat. If you like a fast paced fantasy that’s on the shorter side yet equally enthralling you’ll definitely enjoy this one. I probably prefer the first instalment plot wise however there were more moments that added to the depth of the characters development and relationships, especially between Storm and the Master Assassin, and the King. Although I did miss the elves, there wasn’t as much of them in this book as I’d hoped. I also really liked that we got to see more of the city in this one, there were elements that hinted to the wider world in which the story takes place that was very interesting. Overall this was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more about the Oncoming Storm in future instalments. Thank you to the author for providing an early copy for review! Rating: 4 Stars

Little update:

You may have noticed this review is on the shorter side and that's because I've decided to do shorter reviews for sequels, especially books that are part of a series which I've reviewed the first book for. I don't want to give any spoilers away and it's hard not to when I'm talking about a sequel. But I didn't want to stop doing reviews for sequels altogether so I've decided to do shorter reviews that just cover my overall feelings regarding the book and don't dive too deeply into the plot. This way it won't take me as long and I will hopefully be able to keep up with posts. Anyway thank you for reading!