Review | Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

Title: Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Author: Laini Taylor

Published March 26th 2015 by Hodder Paperbacks (first published April 17th 2014)

Genre/s: Fantasy, Paranormal



There are so many amazing moments throughout these books and they are written so well. I think that the first book is still my favourite but I definitely enjoyed this more that the second one. Some of the things that happened at the end really confused me and annoyed me a little. I feel like it was very anti-climatic and I just didn't like it. I feel like major things that should have been more of a thing earlier on were thrown in right near the end and weren't really resolved or developed well enough. It felt rushed in my opinion.

“The two of them were stoic and stone-faced and ten feet apart, currently not even looking at each other, but Zuzana had the impression of a pair of magnets pretending not to be magnets. Which, you know, only works until it doesn’t.”

Laini Taylor's writing was beautiful and truly fit so well with this wonderful story, I know for a fact that after reading this trilogy I will one hundred percent be reading anything else she comes out with in the future and I am glad that I have bought Strange the Dreamer because I have a feeling that I am just going to devour that.

“You are a conniving, deceitful hussy. I stand in awe." "You're sitting." "I sit in awe.”

I love Zuzana, Mik, Ziri and Liraz so much, all of the parts surrounding them were literally the best. I need a book just about Ziri and Liraz, it would be perfection. I just need so much more from these amazing characters.

“Liraz may have captured Ziri's soul like a butterfly in a bottle, but that was only a formality. It was already hers. And, clearly, judging by the state of her laugh-sobbing in Karou's arms, hers was his, too.”

Another thing I would say that annoy's me a little is the fact that all of the main group of characters are all paired off and I have seen this so much lately that it is getting a little bit ridiculous. Although I do ship all of them, its still a little too much. I can't really address much else without spoiling major plot points but overall the plot,the characters and the world building in this book was excellent just like the previous two; I just feel like the end really is stopping me from giving it the full five stars. I would however still recommend this series to anyone even though there were a few things that annoyed me towards the end and I can say I loved everything before that. It was worth the read and was truly an amazing ride.

4.25/5 Stars

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