Review | Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Title: Children of Blood and Bone

Author: Tomi Adeyemi

Genre: High Fantasy, Young Adult.

Published by Macmillan Children's Books on 8th March 2018.

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First off, before I really get into everything I just want to say that this is a book you should not let pass by. It's beautifully diverse, it's so well developed and even more staggeringly; it's beautiful. I can't even comprehend the amount of times I was mind blown during the process of reading this book because there were so many. And now, after thinking over what the author has created, I am no less shook than I was the minute I finished it.

“The truth cuts like the sharpest knife I’ve ever known. No matter what I do, I will always be afraid.”

Children of Blood and Bone takes what we know of the fantasy genre and tips it on it's head. Although the author has created a very fantastical world with magic at it's heart, she explores so many real life issues and infuses her characters with realistic traits that anyone could relate to. It's clever and extremely well written. She draws parallels to our world in so many ways. Including issues such as; racism, slavery, divides in society, and abuse. This is so great for a young adult novel and the possibility of people of younger generations to pick up on these things and take something from it, is honestly amazing.

The book follows Zélie Adebola; she remembers a world so different to that she currently lives in. One surrounded with the most beautiful magic and a loving mother she will never forget. But under orders of a king, the world changed, maji were killed, and her mother was one of them. When she gets the chance to change fate and possibly one day create a world similar to that she remembers she takes the plunge. With the help of her brother and a runaway princess, they journey to save those who are vulnerable.

“I teach you to be warriors in the garden so you will never be gardeners in the war.”

In the beginning it did take me some time to get used to the very fast pace plot and I have to say that I didn't completely love the story straight away but I think that was because the author made the decision to throw you straight in and not really work up to it. Which is kind of a great thing in my opinion. Because at the midway point something clicked in my head and I was suddenly in love with the wonderful characters. It's been a while since I have become as attached to a cast of characters while reading and I honestly forgot the feeling. I think that the way the author really built the world and the characters as individuals is what I loved the most. They are vulnerable and flawed and so so relatable. It really shouldn't be something new but these things so often aren't betrayed well so I can't really get past it and the amount of depth it added to each character's development. The things these characters go through made me feel so many emotions and that in it's self made this book, one of the best books I've ever read.

“You crushed us to build your monarchy on the backs of our blood and bone. Your mistake wasn’t keeping us alive. It was thinking we’d never fight back!”

The relationships were developed quite differently to a lot of fantasy books I've read. I just wasn't expecting the angsty quirks of humour and push and pull between characters. Of course, I love a good old spoonful of angst but I was surprised when certain relationships develop that I was not expecting and at the fact it was both enticing and slow burn without being overly so. It was the icing on top of a very large cake already full of the most delightful ingredients.

“It doesn't matter how strong I get, how much power my magic wields. They will always hate me in this world.”

The writing wasn't overly complex but it felt almost lyrical while I was reading. The sentences weren't choppy, and they seemed to flow together very well, which made reading it a very enjoyable experience. On the other hand it did mean it took me longer to read than it usually does to read a book. However even though it took a while to get through, the fast paced plot meant it seemed like it was flying by which I really enjoyed.

Overall this is a significantly wonderful fantasy novel that is ground breaking for young adult literature. I highly recommend you pick up this book, and get lost in this intricate world.


Thank you so much for reading!!

- Sophie

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