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This weeks topic is character's on my naughty list. I thought about focusing specifically on villains but there were a few characters I wanted to add that aren't villains. So I ended up with a couple of villains and some others too. Some of these are characters I have a love/hate relationship with which I'll talk about when I get to them. Also just because I don't like some of these doesn't mean they are bad characters, it just means for some reason or another I don't like them. However, please understand that all the things I say, are my opinion. If you don't agree with me, that's okay. Everyone has their own preferences.

So lets get into the top five characters on my naughty list. (Rubs hands together and cackles evil laughter):

5. Sutter Keely from The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

Oh my goodness. Sutter is probably my least favourite character of all time. It wasn't just his characteristics that I didn't like, I actually feel like every decision that the author made about this character was terrible. I hated him so much, he is the main protagonist of a story that really could have been interesting. The thing that annoys me the most is the fact the author took away the parts of the character that were slowly growing on me and ripped them to shreds the more I read. He is that typical character that we have all read so much about, there was so much lacking in his development and he had way too many things going on and absolutely none of them were resolved in the slightest. Not good, not good at all.

4. Grace from Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland

Grace is one of those characters that is written really well and you can really see what a great character she is, and the way she fits in the plot of the story is so good. But I had the hardest time reading about her. I actually wanted to like her more than I did. I loved the main character Henry; and found his relationship with Grace to be interesting. But the decisions Grace makes, are manipulative and hard to read; I understand that she is supposed to be going through some very emotional and heart-breaking things but I found it a little too twisted. I actually felt for her but at the same time I just didn't like her at all. The book as a whole was great but, the author did a great job making me feel very uneasy about this character.

3. Peter K from To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

I know. Yes I'm really including Peter on this list. But I just hated him. Specifically in the first and second books I just felt like he was very overrated and kind of an arsehole. I did grow to like him towards the end of the trilogy and he wasn't so bad at the beginning either, but those middle parts. No, just no. I don't understand the appeal at all. I will always be team John Ambrose McClarren and I'm so not guilty about it.

2. Ianthe from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas

Ianthe is another really great character that I just hate so much. She is very different to a lot of characters I have read about in the past but gosh is she horrible. I think that she absolutely belongs on this list. I was screaming at the books for most of the scenes in which this character is a part of. I guess I hate the manipulative sort because most of the characters on this list have that trait.

1. Thiago from Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke and Bone Book 2)

Thiago is a very charismatic, well written character. But his morals are very warped. I'm glad that Laini Taylor was able to address a lot of subjects through his character arc. But I found a lot of it very devastating and hard hitting to read. Therefore I had to include him on this list.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!!

Let me know in the comments what characters are on you're naughty list this year!!? I would love to know!

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- Sophie

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