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Today's top five Wednesday topic is all about bookish things we don't like. I'm going to try and steer towards topics I don't hear discussed too often. So here goes...

5. I know this might sound a little weird but my fist thing is genres and how they define a book. I feel as if it has become a custom that a book must fit in one genre, I know there are books that do break this stigma but there aren't enough of them and I honestly don't get why. I like books that aren't predictable and we are getting to a point now where more and more books being released are very similar to other books. So I think that bending this whole genre thing would really be great. For example; The Queen of The Tearling by Erika Johansen is unpredictable, exciting and so different to anything else. Why? Because the author took the plot in directions that one would not expect. Yes you can put it in the fantasy category but you could also describe it as having historical fiction, and dystopian elements. I think it would be great to have more mixed genre books!

4. Book covers similar to other books: So another thing that really irks me is that there are so many covers that really don't even try to show what might be conveyed in the book and honestly not enough thought goes into them. This potentially harms the actual book and can put off a person, making them not want to read it. Whereas if a cover that actually hinted what a book might be about could have made them interested. For example, some of Abbi Glines books have these black covers with random objects on them that don't correlate with the stories one bit, but they look similar to other books that have done well in the past so I guess somewhere along the line someone thought it was a good thing. I understand that there will be covers that are similar I just wish that all covers were made or chosen because of the content inside and not because of what other books in similar genre's might have done well. And I love Abbi's books, but I can honestly say that if I hadn't been recommended them by someone I trust, I would not have picked them up. The main reason being, the covers and the way they look which is honestly kind of sad.

3. I've talked about wanting books that are different and not predictable, but sometimes it is nice to read a book that has similar elements to another book you enjoyed. Especially if your in a bit of a book hangover it can be really great to read something similar to one of your favourite books. My point being, I don't like that some books get a lot of hate for having one thing that is similar to something from another book, as long as the author has come up with their ideas by them self who cares if it might be similar to something else. However if an idea has been copied or stolen then that I hate, it shouldn't be done and those people should be ashamed of themselves.

2. First time authors and those on their second, fifth or twentieth book should all get praise and recognition for what they're doing. Sometimes you find a debut author is getting loads of promotion and recognition from people but an author on their fifth book isn't really getting much attention. But then you can get a new author who really isn't getting much recognition at all. It's really random and doesn't always correlate with how good their book is. I think everyone should get equal opportunities but I know that won't always happen there are always favourites but I guess I can wish can't I.

1. Everyone can like whatever they want! - Just because one person doesn't like it doesn't mean everyone won't. I know it's ridiculous but, some people think that because a book is problematic in some way that it must be hated, but it is alright for someone to like a book that is problematic. Not because of the problematic reasons (which kind of would be strange) but because there is something else that they liked about it. Reasonable people should be able to recognise the faults and the things that were good and say it's ok to like it because of those things that were done well. For example a relationship could be problematic, but the world building could be outstanding, so therefore making someone really enjoy it. Also because some books have bad reviews and have been critisised it doesn't mean no one should read it, sometimes it is interesting to read something and see what your own view is on it.

That's it! I guess I did act like a grinch a little, but oh well it's in the topic title.

Let me know in the comments what bookish things get you acting like a grinch!? I'd love to know!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this and I'll be back soon with another post!

- Sophie

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