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🙌🏼📖🌿_-_The book mail faeries dropped
🌊⚔️🐚_-_Hi guys, I hope you’re all havi
🖤📖🕯_-_There are some things I want to
😍✨🇫🇷_-_A historical fantasy set in 17
💕🕶🥤_-_Happy release day to the wonder


Please submit all email requests to: sophieelainabooks@gmail.com


I am currently accepting business enquiries, collaborations, blog tour and review requests. Send all requests to the email above.


I ask that you include as much information regarding the request in your initial email as possible. Including about the company/product and what sort of post you are looking for. (Blog, Instagram etc.) I still reserve the right to deny any request and I will only accept requests if I feel like it is something that will fit well with my blog and content.



Book Review Policy:


Genre's of books I accept: 

  • Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult and Adult Fiction.

  • Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Magical Realism, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Romance, Mystery/Thriller, or Historical Fiction.

  • (These are the genre's I personally prefer, however I would consider others if they fit into the 'Young Adult', or 'New Adult' categories.)


Genre's of books I DO NOT accept:

  • Non Fiction.

  • Biographies and Memoirs.

  • Poetry.

I do not accept first drafts or samples for personal feedback. Please don't send requests if this is the case.


In your initial email request please provide as much information as possible including the following:

  • Book title, publisher and publication date.

  • A short synopsis of the novel.

  • Link to the Goodreads page.

  • Genre(s) and Audience (Contemporary? Fantasy? YA? New Adult? Adult? etc.)


I am only currently accepting physical copies in the following formats:

  • Final copies

  • ARC's, Proofs, Galleys

  • Manuscripts

After many problems with digital formats I have decided not to accept them at this current time.

I review with only honest and critical opinions, and I am a very passionate book lover who enjoys helping and encouraging others to read and find books that they will enjoy. By emailing a request you are agreeing that if I accept the request, I will only post honest opinions even if some may be negative.

I will only consider requests that follow the above guidelines and fit the requirements. Please understand that even if the book complies with the guidelines, I still reserve the right to either accept or decline.


If I decide to accept your request I will get back to within 48 hours of your email. Please refrain from submitting more than one email per request.  

Thank you!

- Sophie Elaina

If you would like to ask a question or suggest something you would like to see in the future either here or on my YouTube channel please use the form below. All feedback and suggestions are welcome! <3

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